Golf Equipment – How To Control Your Golf Swing By Choosing The Right Driver!

Golf Equipment – How To Control Your Golf Swing By Choosing The Right Driver!

Have you ever considered how important the driver is as part of your golf equipment? There is a propensity for less inexperienced golfers to go out and by the biggest and meanest looking club in the golf shop but if it doesn’t suit your style, mainly your swing speed then you will be heading off into the trees in search of your ball more often than not following a tee shot.

Golf equipment should contain a small selection of drivers and in this report, we’ll look at some of the aspects required in the make up of this all important tee shot club.

Golf Equipment And The Driver

There are different variations to a golf driver and players will use them where appropriate. In a standard bag of clubs there are usually three… 1,3 and 5 wood however, the more experienced a player is, the more likely their golf quipment will contain more drivers. The head of the club is a topic of discussion. The larger heads are coming more into vogue today for several reasons.

It’s considered the bigger the head of the driver the more chance a player has of connecting with the ball in what is known as the sweet zone area. Take a look at the pro golf circuit today and it seems more and more professionals have a club in their bag with a larger head. They look a little ungainly in use but their effectiveness in gaining more leverage in power at the connection point seems unquestioned.

Club Weighting

Weighting of clubs is a vital component of today’s clubs as players can adjust the height they hit the ball or control shots such as a draw or fade. Slicers eager to find a quick solution to their problem may go for a club with more of a draw bias and vice versa for a player who tends to hook a lot.

With a larger club head on a driver, the launch angle to penetrate greater distances is higher and golfers today are tending to steer towards this direction. A driver with a higher loft degree is highly recommended although if you are a beginner and receiving coaching then check with your mentor first who may be keener for you to build a little more control into your game before you start to worry about head design features on clubs.

Golf Equipment-The Driver Shaft

How flexible should the driver shaft be? This is a perplexing question for average players who seem confused by the give in a shaft. It’s reasoned that the more flexibility a shaft has the greater power behind the point of impact. This is true in a sense but be careful you don’t waste money here unneccessarily. Why? Because shaft flexibility should be in relation to the swing speed of a person’s swing. The slower the swing the more flexible the shaft; the faster the swing, the less flexible the shaft for better accuracy.

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