Golf Equipment – 4 Secrets to Playing Better Golf

Golf Equipment – 4 Secrets to Playing Better Golf

The day that I went to the golf course with my friend to be introduced to the game of golf was a fun day. On that particular day I wore my everyday casual clothes because I did not know what to expect. Fortunately, I chose well because it was appropriate, comfortable, and suitable for the weather, the only difference was that my casual clothing labeled me a novice on the golf course.

Golf fashion that you choose should be comfortable and appropriate for the game and the weather. If you plan to be a regular on the golf course the clothing should be easy care. As you well know, there is a lot of walking and being outdoors will attract more dirt than an indoor activity.

Protect your feet. When selecting your shoes, waterproofing material is desirable. There are many fashionable looks in golf shoe wear as well as functional and comfortable for their type of use.

You may or may not wish to wear sunglasses. If you are like me and cannot see clearly when following the golf ball as it flies through the sky because of being blinded by the sun, by all means, invest in a quality pair of sunglasses.

In Florida there can be unexpected rain showers, so an umbrella is handy. Golf gloves come in handy; this is a personal choice.

Then there is the golf cart, golf bag, golf set, golf balls, and head covers. Wow! We are fashionable, practical, equipped, and ready to play golf.

Four secrets to playing better golf:

Look good.
Feel good.
Feel comfortable.
Feel confident.

Allow me to explain how the four secrets work on your behalf. A tennis player cannot play tennis without his fashion, tennis shoes, racket, tennis balls and other appropriate accessories. Believe it or not all four secrets apply to tennis, for that matter any sport, as well as golf fashion and golf equipment. Fashion and the right equipment for the sport are essential to performance.

You will not believe this, but it is the truth. As you purchase each item, ask the four secrets. This will be a guide to confirm that you have chosen wisely. In summary, if you and your golf equipment look good, feel good, feel comfortable, you will feel confident and will play the game of golf successfully.

Your success will be based on the fact that you can handle yourself with the proper fitting equipment and be able to use your golf instruction knowledge to the best of your ability with the correct equipment and accessories.

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