Golf Clothing

Golf has become one of the most popular vacation games for a long time. In the past, it used to be exclusively played by the senior upper class in the countries where it was played. But today golf has crossed over and has found a fan base that transcends all social cultures, status and age groups. But to be a good golf player, one has to be prepared and preparation includes the gear that is necessary to play the game.

Many golfers spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preparing for a golf game. The one way that they do this is in the clothes that they wear to the golf course. Wearing the right gear can mean a great deal to a golfer and can even improve their game. This is because to a golfer, wearing the right golf clothing translates to confidence on the golf course.

Having the right clothing in the golf course is a very important aspect of golfing. Avid golfers will tell you that they need the right clothing to feel well protected on the golf course. This also serves to give one the confidence that they need.

When we talk about the right clothing, we mean that they golfer will definitely come under exposure to among other things the sun. Playing golf in the day time will mean exposure to the sun and the heat and the golfer has to b protected against these. A hat can come in handy as protection against the sun and can protect against the rays of sun hurting the eyes.

Golf clothing is not only designed to be protective, it is also designed to enhance your appearance. The right shoes can not only improve the way you swing but also enhance your look in the golf course. There are many kinds of golf shoes choosing the right look and fit is important to the golfer. Shoes can include the spiked ones which can either be soft spikes or metallic ones depending on the preferences of the golfer. There are golfers who golf just as well without spikes. Some golf courses encourage golfers to experiment with non-spiked shoes because they tend to damage the green turf of the golf course. Others plain disallow it for the same reason.

Golfing sports stores have a large assortment of pants, shirts, polo shirts, socks, hats, kangols and even gloves and it is entirely up to the golfer to choose what they want. Different golf courses have different rules and dress codes so you might want to check with the particular golf course as far as this is concerned. Many golfers other than just checking the individual course’s dress code also dress in a way that’s comfortable for them. Since golfers do a lot of bending, twisting, walking and even stretching, the clothing must be able to adjust to this.

Just as we mentioned that the golfer needs clothing that protects against the heat, there are those who also golf in the winter and these must also wear protective clothing.