Fan Explains Hot Dog Throwing Incident

A cooked hot dog garnished with mustard.

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A fan who was detained for throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods during the Open at the end of the week claimed that he wished to do something brave and epic.

It turns out that the man’s name is Brandon Kelly and he lives near Santa Rosa where the tournament was staged. He is Tiger Woods’ supporter and decided to cheer Woods in a weird way by throwing a hot dog at him. He told the press that he hopes that the former world number one golfer will beat the 18 title record of Jack Nicklaus after all.

The idea to fling the hot dog at Woods came to him after watching the movie ‘Drive’ which features Ryan Gosling as a stunt performer whose night job is working as a getaway driver.

Woods was about to make a putt on the last day of the tournament when the Brandon yelled his name and sent the hot dog flying towards the golfer. Aware of what he had done, Kelly dropped to the ground and did not resist arrest. Though Woods says that he was troubled by the intruder, he missed the putt that he was going to make when the hot dog flew at him.

Kelly does not seem to be sorry for his behavior. He shared a photo of him holding a hot dog in his hand Sunday.

According to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, Kelly faces getting community service and a fine.