Compton Wins Nationwide Tour Title after Two Heart Transplantations

There is always room for wonders in life. Take Erik Compton, for example.  The 31-year-old golfer experienced two heart transplantations, one at age 12 and the other – sixteen year later. Who would have thought that he would be able to win any golf tournament after receiving a new heart? But he did, beating his closest opponent by two strokes and firing a 7-under par 65 in the final round of the Mexico Open.

Compton was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy resulting in an enlarged heart that contracts poorly when he was 9. At age 12, he had a heart transplant. When it failed sixteen years later, he went through another heart transplantation surgery.

The 31-year-old did not believe that he would ever be able to play golf again. However, he is currently at No. 2 on the money list after winning $215,709 in prize money at the El Bosque Golf & Country Club course in Valencia and four PGA Tour events.

The golfer received many offers to play in PGA tournaments because of his condition. But with his win at the Mexico Open, he will get berths to PGA Tour events because of his excellent performance.

What is interesting is that Compton has played professionally for 11 years but never managed to claim a victory. But with his transplant injury, it seems that the once-winless golfer is cured.