Callaway Golf Clubs Will Change Your Game – Part Three

Callaway Golf Clubs Will Change Your Game – Part Three

The secret behind the FT Irons is fairly simple. The metallurgists at Callaway Golf created a new metal to feature in the irons’ designs. The metal, Tunite Alloy, weighs about 20 percent more than stainless steel. In addition, it has twice the density and is made of a tungsten and nickel base. With a small amount of silicon added for softness and ferro-chromium for polishing capabilities, the metal is a perfect fit. The tunite forms are used for all Callaway FT Irons. For instance, a set of Callaway FT i-Brid Irons also include a injection-molded thermoplastic urethane layer. This layer sits behind the clubface, allowing for more vibration reduction and an enhanced feel.


Callaway doesn’t build it’s callaway golf clubs for professionals alone. They seek to create products amateur golfers can utilize to not only enjoy but also improve their game. One mission for Callaway FT clubs is the ability to take an average golfer and minimize the impact of their flaws. The new FT drivers are said to allow amateurs hit straighter and longer than they’ve ever done before. The clubs are made to be forgiving of minor flaws in swing and power. Thus, each shot can appear much more perfect than it might with another type of club.


Currently, many golf professionals use Callaway golf clubs and prefer them over many other types of golf equipment or some times even over taylormade golf clubs. However, one of the most notable successes with the new Callaway Fusion series was when Annika Sorenstam used the ERC Fusion Driver in the latest LPGA Tour and won. In addition, rookie James Oh also recently used the ERC Fusion Driver and scored his first professional victory. After the line was unveiled, over 90 professionals switched to the ERC Fusion Driver within the first week. It has quickly become the number one driver model in both PGA European and Japan Golf tours. Many of the pros using this new Fusion line of clubs adore the ability to get a strong ball flight. With pros this excited about the new line of Callaway clubs, the Fusion Technology certainly is gaining momentum to change the nature of playing golf altogether.


When you grip these callaway golf clubs, you will falling love with them.


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