Buying Your Golf Equipment – Online!

Buying Your Golf Equipment – Online!

As those who play the game will understand, getting the right golf equipment is crucial to success in the game. The phrase ‘a poor workman blames his tools’ is a contentious one in the game of golf – poor tools really can break your game. In this article I take a look at where to find the best deals on golf equipment, helping you to ensure you get the equipment you need to succeed at a price you can afford.

Forget traipsing around your local shops trying to find quality golf equipment in cheap high street sports shops – it isn’t going to happen. They simply don’t have the knowledge or the niche buying power that is going to present you with a good deal. Don’t expect to get anywhere with anything purchased here, except maybe winning a pitch and putt competition against your non-golfing mates. And even that’s a push.

If you’re serious about your game then specialist golf retailers are the way to go. This could mean going to your local club and taking a look around the shop – if you can afford premium prices. If not, then you need to find yourself the internet (very popular nowadays, I’ve heard) and get yourself onto a golf retail site. You’ll be amazed at the range of golf equipment, the brands and most of all, the prices. You can pick something up – well actually, get it sent to your house – for a fraction of the price that those down at the local golf club expect you to pay. Plus, you aren’t expected to go to them to get it!  

Online golf is the future. I’ve seen it. Not only can you get all the best golf equipment, but you can also pick up great tips about how to use it, plus all sorts of information about the latest trends. For example, you can find out what equipment Tiger Woods is experimenting with to improve his game or if there’s a latest bit of kit that everyone’s shouting about. There’s forums allowing you talk to others and get advice about your technique and even video demonstrations so that you can ensure what you’re doing is right.

All of this makes me worry about whether Golfers are actually going to stop bothering to go out and play the game as all the great stuff out there in cyberspace is a bit addictive!  Plus all my teaching tips are being giving away, so I might be soon out of a job. But I won’t care as I will be spending all my new-found free time surfing around on the internet looking at all the quality bargain <b><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>golf equipment</a></b>!

Gregory John is a golf instructor, teaching thousands of students over a thirty year period and is now spreading the word about how to get the best golf equipment. For more information please visit