British Open: Unexpected Winner

Darren Clarke

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Nobody expected Darren Clarke to win the British Open. Hardly in his prime, Northern Ireland-based golfer Darren Clarke did not give off the vibe of a man who can win this major tournament and extend Northern Ireland’s winning streak in major golf tournaments.

A guy who likes fast cars, good cigars and wine and whose wife tragically died of cancer five years ago, Darren Clarke last competed in a major golf tournament a long time ago. Clarke, 42, who did not even make the world top 100, was not regarded as a serious opponent.

Once rated as an underachiever, Darren Clarke has got a major win now and became the sixth Irish golfer to win a major tournament. He won the British Open on his 20th try, being the first golfer over 40 years old to win a major title in a dozen years.

The crazy weather at Royal St George’s was eliminating his opponents one by one, while Clarke stood calm with his putter and a cigarette in his hand and seemed to be completely undisturbed by the rain and the wind.

He finished with a score of 6-under par, beating his closest rival Phil Mickelson and proving that it is too soon to write him off.

In the meantime, Northern Ireland’s McIlroy, 22, blamed the weather for his miserable performance at the tournament. However, the U.S. Open winner was glad for his compatriot. He has been friends with Darren since they trained with coach Butch Harmon together.