Brandt Snedeker Slapped with Two-Stroke Penalty for Being Late

AKRON, OH - AUGUST 05: Brandt Snedeker hits h...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Being late is bad and disrespectful. And it turns out that it is bad not only for the person waiting, but for the tardy one as well. At least, it is true for golfers being late for their tee time.

Brandt Snedeker arrived later than his designated time, thinking that it was not 8:10 but 8:20 a.m. He learnt of his mistake while practicing his putting and rushed to the tee, showing up two minutes late. However, PGA organizers who have an extreme affinity for punctuality did not let his mistake slide by and gave him a two-stroke penalty.

And this penalty may cost him a lot. Snedeker was going four over par after the opening round and the bogey on the first hole and the two-stroke penalty sent him at seven over par.  And if he wants to make the cut for the PGA Championship, his result needs to be at least three over par. Overcoming this gap with nine holes left will be a tough one for the tardy golfer.

Brandt Snedeker was extremely frustrated with the penalty and said that it would not happen again. This penalty will also be a good lesson to all other golfers out there.

Brandt Snedeker is not the first golfer who got punished for being late this way. Dustin Johnson was about five minutes late for his tee time at Riviera in February because his caddie mixed up his designated time. Dustin Johnson twisted his right hip while running toward the tee, and his pain calmed down only after a few holes.