A Critical Review of Taylor Made Golf Balls

A Critical Review of Taylor Made Golf Balls

Taylor Made Golf Balls has produced a ball it claims can be all things to all players – the Penta TP. The company said that while most long-distance balls have to sacrifice some performance aspect like spin, feel and short-game functions, the Penta TP does not. Its five-core construction allows for a multi-purpose ball.

Penta TP Provides Better Performance

The Penta TP provides a softer feel when struck by the putter. It produces high-spins off a 9-iron and all the wedges carried in your bag. It allows for better control and lower spin when using the mid irons – 6, 7, 8 – while allowing easier launch when using the 3, 4 and 5 irons. You gain maximum distance off the tee with your driver as well. Due to its unique construction, players can gain their optimum distance using a variety of swinging speeds.

TP Red LDP Produces Great Flight

If you are looking for Taylor Made golf balls that just keeps on flying, try the Taylor Made TP Red LDP. This product provides optimum distance regardless the quality of club head contact making it a very popular choice for amateurs and pros alike.

Tests on the ball have produced an 11-yard greater distance average for mid-handicappers. This has allowed players to reach into their bag for one less club to make a critical shot. Many pros including Sergio Garcia, Retief Goosen and Justin Rose have tried the Taylor Made TP Red LDP ball.

TP Black LDP Provides Fast Ball Speed

The TP Black LDP promotes faster ball speed for strikers hitting low-spin shots. The urethane cover helps deliver predictable spin while the LDP (Low-Drag Performance) construction produces improved distance for less than right-on center hits. The construction promotes enhanced launch distance and greater spin off both the driver and irons for a softer feel when striking the ball.

Burner TP LDP Provides Distance with Control

This is a three-piece construction that is designed for two-piece distance still adding great control and feel. The Burner TP has a construction promoting high ball speed with a low compression that allows for softer feel. The low compression rating of 75 indicates that many players swinging at lower club-head speeds can benefit from greater distance produced using the Burner TP.

Also, Taylor Made’s LDP (Low-Drag Performance) the unique dimple design helps produce a greater degree of forgiveness with off-center shots. This feature helps maintain more efficient lift when a strike is less than perfect which normally ends in a low-spin shot that drops way short of the mark.

This would make a great choice for older players who have lost club-head speed with time. Due to the low compression, not much force is needed to transfer energy from club to ball. Also, it is a good choice for players who are not concerned about generating on-the-green spin.

Performance with Cost-Conscious in Mind

The Taylor Made Noodle golf ball allows a player to obtain a soft feel when striking the ball producing loner, and straighter, shots. This product is popularly priced while providing a dimple design that produces greater lift and longer carries.

There are a variety of Taylor Made Golf Balls ready for your next game.

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